‘SUSD unites project monitoring, project management and development management. This is delivered by a small but knowledgeable team who are seen as accessible to their clients and consistent in the service they provide. The team is recognised as going above and beyond on project management’.

What we do

Property Development

SUSD’s team has developed real estate assets in each use class across the UK’s capital city. Explore our project portfolio here.

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Development monitoring and management

We provide funder advisory services and DM to private investors, private equity funds and institutional investors.

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Creating spaces

SUSD’s subsidiary 4C delivers high end architectural projects. Whether renovating or rebuilding we are creating great architectural eclecticism, keeping our relationship with the city, our clients and partners, innovative and transformative.

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Social and community

We believe that designing and building responsibly need not compromise profitability but can add value and make for a better long-term investment.

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Luxury residential

Our team has a combined 65 years of experience. Sensitively designing, managing project monitoring stunning private high-end residential developments in central London.

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Experiences of working with SUSD

Learn more about the unique experience of working with our team.

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