SUSD Ltd is a creative real estate consultancy specialising in connecting architecture, existing communities and property development.

Taking on niche projects and their clients, SUSD facilitates innovative ways to support community projects by improving the development potential of the residential side of a mixed-use site to enable financial funding for an entire project whose focus is on reintroducing a space back to its community.

By expanding on original plans to augment the standard expected of an area such as Notting Hill, our knowledge of development allows us to maximise the value of the property in order to deliver a high-quality community space.

An in-depth understanding of an area and focus-group engagement with the local community can help lead the way to schemes sympathetic to the character of the area which offer real community benefits. For example, a regeneration programme we undertook in Clapton, East London, provided a high quality environment encouraging family living as well as retaining commercial uses of existing business.

In line with the needs of the area, our proposal was for a higher proportion of family-size units, with more 3 and 4 bed units and less 1 and 2 bed units.

Another of our developments is in Finchley where again the emphasis is on a mix of use for luxury residential and ecclesiastical community space. This brings to the fore our expertise in planning and development which  maximises value through high quality design in order to generate a good quality product for our client and partner.